Digitale Vermittlungsangebote im Jüdischen Museum Frankfurt. Kinder mit Tablet im Museum Judengasse Frankfurt

Digital Museum

Online Exhibitions, Social Media, Apps, and More

With our digital offerings, we are expanding the museum into virtual space. By this we refer to our social media channels, online exhibitions, and museum apps. These services are not only aimed at visitors to the physical, but at a global digital public interested in our museum program. This expansion will be gradual, in line with our digital strategy.

Our Digital Strategy

We have set up a five-year time frame for implementing our measures in virtual space. Our strategy calls for augmenting our social media activities, building an online collection, online exhibitions, and developing further digital offerings.

Our Online Exhibitions

Museum App for the Museum Judengasse

The audio guide for the Museum Judengasse can be downloaded free of charge as an app for iOs and Android devices. There is also a children’s audio track for young exhibition visitors. What’s more, the app lets you discover the neighboring Old Jewish Cemetery on your own.

Screenshot aus der Museumsapp für das Museum Judengasse

Social Media

Screenshot from the Instagram feed of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt
Screenshot from the Instagram feed of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt

We address international users interested in our themes via our social media channels. We share information with them on a daily basis. The individual channels distinguish themselves by theme and target group:

On our Facebook pagel, we post daily information on events and exhibitions and recount stories of historical persons and events in Frankfurt’s Jewish history. This content is offered in German and mainly aimed at a local public with an interest in Frankfurt’s Jewish history.

We operate our Instagram feed in two languages: German and English. The content largely consists of stories about objects in our collection, offers a backstage peek in the museum, and posts pictures of Jews in places in and around Frankfurt. The channel feed is aimed at an international public as well as local users who share an interest in art, Judaica, and Jewish history.

We use our Twitter account to give followers comprehensive information on Jewish life, history, and culture in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. We share information on relevant publications and press reports from a variety of media on a daily basis.

All of our videos can be accessed on the museum’s own YouTube channel. The Jewish Museum created its own video series on the occasion of its 30th anniversary in 2018.


In September 2019 we launched our German language museum blog. Since then, we have been publishing articles on Jewish history and culture, abour news from the museum, behind the scenes stories and comments on current debates.

Museum To Go: Digital Extension of Our New Permanent Exhibition

Filmstill from a film about the "Museum To Go" of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt
With Museum To Go, visitors take content from the Jewish Museum home with them.

With Museum To Go, visitors to the Jewish Museum can collect content from the new permanent exhibition and view it again on their personal website: Videos, stories, recipes for recooking, research offers and much more. You can find out more about it here.

Digital Collection

Since October 2020 you have the possibility to browse and research our German language digital collection. The systematic digitization of our collection is an ongoing task, which is why new objects and convolutes will be added every year. Besides objects, we collect stories and biographies and make them available under an open license CC BY 4.0.