In English-speaking countries, delis, short for delicatessen, are an integral part of the culinary scene. They’re known for fast, high-quality cuisine, family recipes, and casual on-site dining. In the 1840s, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe opened the first delis and, in observance of kosher dietary laws, prepared their traditional dishes and offered them for sale. The best-known delis in the US include Katz’s Delicatessen and Liebman’s Deli in New York City; family-owned to this day, they remain magnets that attract visitors from far beyond their local areas.

A love of life and good food is the inspiration behind the Life Deli; it’s a meeting place for anyone who wants to enjoy kosher and vegan cuisine in the heart of Frankfurt, either on the premises or in take-away. Our Israeli-inspired menu ranges from hot entrees, light salads, and kid-friendly snacks to select wines and cocktails.

Visitors will also, of course, find homemade challah here, as well as Shabbat boxes and the seasonal specialties that go along with every Jewish holiday.

One unique highlight is that we offer our Israeli breakfast every day throughout the day—especially on Sundays, it’s a relaxing opportunity for late sleepers to get to know our fresh delicacies!


Rentals and Events

Are you planning a wedding, a birthday party, or a company event? The Life Deli and Jewish Museum offer rooms for every occasion. Find out more here.

Opening hours

The Life Deli is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm and to 8 pm on Thursdays.
The Deli will be closed during the Passover holiday from April 22 to 30.


Life Deli
Bertha-Pappenheim-Platz 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main