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Mediaguide for the Jewish Museum

Your Digital Museum Companion

This media guide will help you get to know the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and its permanent exhibition “WE ARE NOW. Jewish Frankfurt from the Enlightenment to the Present,” now presented in an original location: the Rothschild family’s historic place of residence. Spread over three floors and approximately 15,000 square feet of exhibition space, the exhibition narrates the story of the Jews in Frankfurt from the Enlightenment and their emancipation around 1800 to the present day. This exhibition ties in with the permanent exhibition in the Museum Judengasse, which focuses on everyday Jewish life in Frankfurt in the early modern period.

Our media guide offers 90-minute and 60-minute tours in German and English. You can also access tours in sign language and simple language, as well as tours tailored for the visually impaired (only available in German).

Tours and Inclusive Offers

The media guide offers an array of tours and special offers for people with disabilities. If you’ve downloaded the app onto your private smartphone, you can listen to all tours at home at your convenience. You can also pause each tour at any time to leave the specified route and view the exhibition at your own pace. And if a tour feels too long, you can fast forward and skip individual sections.

  • The highlight tour, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, takes you to selected stations on all three floors of our permanent exhibition, offering visitors a good overview.
  • The short highlight tour lasts around 60 minutes and also takes you to selected stations on all three floors of our permanent exhibition, giving you a good overview.
  • The tour for the visually impaired is only available in German. It takes you to selected stations on all three floors of our permanent exhibition and offers an excellent introduction to our exhibition. The tour also lets you know where you can find the tactile models for all exhibits. These are only intended as a supplementary highlight, however, and are not part of the audio tour.
  • The simple language tour is only available in German. It will guide you through our exhibition, which has three floors. You can take breaks any time you like. Or skip stations. Just download the app to your phone—and then you can listen to them at home.

To Download

You can use the media guide on devices loaned from the museum, or download it directly onto your personal device.

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