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History and Fantasy / 03/18/2022 - 07/17/2022

From God to Quentin Tarantino: an extraordinary exhibition will examine the theme of revenge in Jewish cultural history for the first time. It will feature biblical narratives, rabbinic writings, anti-Jewish myths, Jewish legends, and popular culture narratives. At the heart of the exhibition are documents by murdered Jews that demand revenge for the crimes of the Shoah.

Baseball bat of Bear Jew from "Inglourious Basterds", original prop, Jewish Museum Vienna, photo © Lukas Pichelmann
Baseball bat of Bear Jew from "Inglourious Basterds", original prop, Jewish Museum Vienna, photo © Lukas Pichelmann

The exhibition 'Revenge: History and Fantasy' will present various self-empowerment strategies used by Jews to cope with the violence inflicted on them. It will begin with a prop from Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds and end with a video installation showing representations of revenge in pop culture.  The path in between alternates between historical stories and cultural narratives.  In addition to presenting the vengeful figures of the Hebrew Bible, the exhibition will take a closer look at rabbinic writings and anti-Jewish conspiracy myths. It will highlight legendary figures such as Lilith and the golem and show Jewish “outlaws” who banded together as pirates, robbers, and in the Kosher Nostra. At the center of the show are the few historical acts of revenge committed by Jews against representatives of National Socialism.

Mixed feeling and mixed media

Gustave Doré, The Death of Samson, 1866, wood engraving, illustration for the Bible, Jewish Museum Frankfurt
Gustave Doré, The Death of Samson, 1866, wood engraving, illustration for the Bible, Jewish Museum Frankfurt

The exhibition will present historical documents and photographs, visual artworks, ceremonial objects, Jewish writings, graphic literature, films, and video works embedded in a scenographic exhibition architecture. It will end in an archive and bar space that contains graphic novels, literary narratives, video games, TV series, and humanities and social science texts. At the bar, visitors will have the chance to converse with the exhibition creators and meet artists in a special residence program who will further develop and comment on the show.

Accompanying program and publication

The idea for the exhibition came from the poet and journalist Dr. Max Czollek. Together with Jewish Museum director Professor Mirjam Wenzel and the curator Erik Riedel, Dr. Czollek will co-edit the planned exhibition publication, which will be published by Hanser Verlag. The exhibition will be supplemented by an extensive cultural program consisting of concerts, staged readings, and performances. Events will commence with the academic conference “(Ir)reconcilability – Critical Memory Cultures of the Third Generation,” held in cooperation with the young researchers’ network 3G: Positions of the Third Generation after the Second World War. This network is supported by the German Research Foundation.

Call for Artists in Residence

[Translate to English:] Ausschreibung von Dagesh

The Jewish Museum and DAGESH: Jüdische Kunst im Kontext are calling for applications for several artist residencies in connection with the exhibition "Revenge: History and Fantasy". We are inviting artists to engage with the themes of the exhibition in ten- to fourteen-day residencies that will take place for the duration of the exhibition. Applications are welcome from literary, musical, visual, and performing artists who have a clear position on contemporary Jewish perspectives and experiences. Please apply via email by submitting a concise description of your project idea, your portfolio, and your resume to info@dagesh.de, re: “Call for Artists in Residence 2022.” The application deadline is December 31, 2021.


The exhibition is being funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The cultural education program has been made possible by a grant from the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

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Jewish Museum Frankfurt

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