Skizze eines Raums in der neuen Dauerausstellung des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt
Exhibition preview

New Permanent Exhibition in the Rothschild Palais

Frankfurt's Jewish history since 1800 / 10/21/2020 -

The Jewish Museum Frankfurt is currently closed for refurbishment. We are working on a new permanent exhibition that will be opened in the second half of the year 2020 in the renovated Rothschild Palais. The exact date is not fixed yet.

We will be presenting the new permanent exhibition in an authentic place: the historical home of the Rothschild family. Over the building’s three floors, we will provide insight into the modern history of Jews in Frankfurt, which was one of the most important centres of Jewish life in Europe. The Jewish culture in this modern city was always marked by plurality. Jews shaped the cultural, economic and social development of the city of Frankfurt. Nevertheless, they were repeatedly discriminated against and from 1933 to 1945 systematically persecuted and murdered.

Three Floors, Three Themes

The exhibition will focus on different aspects of Jewish history and culture in Frankfurt presented on three floors and from three different perspectives: major historical events and conflicts will be outlined, religious questions reflected on and individual families will also have their say.

Visualisierung des neuen Museumskomplexes des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt mit Rothschildpalais und Erweiterungsbau
Visualization of the new museum complex with the extension building to the left and the historic Rothschild Palais to the right © Staab Architekten

How did life change once Jews were no longer forced to live on the ghetto, the so-called Judengasse, from the beginning of the 19th century? What kind of self-images did Jewish men and women develop in the 19th century? What changes did the transformation of Jewish tradition into a religion bring with it? What consequences did the National Socialist era have for Jews in Frankfurt? Our new permanent exhibition revolves around these and many more issues, presenting art and crafts, personal notes, photographs and films, historical documents and everyday items, and inviting visitors to raise additional questions.

Here and Now

Interactive stations and media stagings, historical objects and valuable artworks exhibited over all three floors invite you to get to know the experience of Jewish men and women in Frankfurt better. Our exhibition enables interested people from all over the world to discover the vibrant diversity of Jewish cultures from a historical perspective. Topical issues also play a role here. Therefore our exhibition starts with the present, the here and now. The point of departure are current questions and topics that preoccupy both Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Frankfurt. How is it possible to counter marginalization? How are family traditions that are not shared by the majority to be preserved?

A Museum for Everyone

Together with the designer team from Space4 / Team Stratenwerth, we are organising an exhibition that offers a graphic, surprising and unique experience for many different groups of visitors. This exhibition has been developed together with our future visitor groups. We look forward to autumn 2020!

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