Celebrations, Customs, Traditions: Retracing Historical Jewish Life in the Frankfurt Judengasse

Guided Tour through the Museum Judengasse

View into the Museum Judengasse
View into the Museum Judengasse

Golden Hanukkah menorahs, precious besamim towers, and fragile amulets: ceremonial objects are more than mere proof of their maker’s artistic skills. They provide insight into the special customs and traditions of the Judengasse. How were the Jewish holidays celebrated? What characterizes the Hebrew calendar and what traditions were unique to the Frankfurt Judengasse? Selected objects will be allowed to speak during the tour, shedding light on everyday religious life in the Judengasse.

Would you like to book an exclusive tour of the Museum Judengasse? Please call our Education Center at +49 (0)69 2127 4237 or send us an e-mail to: pz-ffm@stadt-frankfurt.de.  
Price: Group tour (flat rate): €50 + admission
Price: Tour for schoolchildren (rate per person includes admission): €3

Please contact us at least two weeks prior to the planned date.