In the Tradition of Civic Involvement

Frankfurt has a long tradition of citizens' involvement in the city's cultural and social institutions. The museum relies on this collaboration. The involvement of the citizens promotes the public impact and social relevance of the themes and debates the museum aims to initiate. The museum can only fulfil its task fully with the support of the citizens.

Would you like to get involved in the interests of tolerance and democracy and against anti-Semitism and xenophobia? Are you keen to contribute to a better understanding of Jewish culture and history in Germany? Then why not become a member of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Jewish Museum? By doing so, you not only contribute to keeping the memory of Frankfurt’s Jewish citizens and their vital contribution to the city’s social and cultural institutions alive; you also ensure that the memory of the crimes committed by the National Socialists will not be forgotten.

Dr. Eugen Mayer, March 30, 1933

"May these stones bear witness to us in a city that owes its blossoming to a large extent to Jewish achievements, in which so many institutions proclaim the Jews' sense of the common good, and in which the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens has always been very close at all times."

Through their membership dues and donations, the members of the Society of Friends and Patrons enable the museum to engage in activities for which no municipal funds are available. Thus, they finance new acquisitions for the collection, organize events, and support the implementation of the educational program, the exhibitions, and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt's digital strategy.