Sculpture of St. Joseph's oak (detail), photo: Jakob Celej
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Natalia Romik. Hideouts. Architecture of Survival

 / 03/01/2024 - 09/01/2024
Blick ins Museum Judengasse in Frankfurt am Main

Museum Judengasse

Experience Jewish Life in Early Modern Times
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View of the kosher-vegan Life Deli Frankfurt

The Life Deli

Enjoy kosher and vegan food at the Jewish Museum.
The Life Deli
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Media Guide for the Jewish Museum

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Blick auf die Gedenkstätte Neuer Börneplatz in Frankfurt am Main
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Shoah Memorial Frakfurt

Remembrance of over 12,000 Frankfurt victims of the Shoah
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Visit us at the Jewish Museum and experience the Jewish history of Frankfurt since 1800. The Museum Judengasse highlights the history of the oldest Jewish ghetto in Europe.

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